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HighFlow Iron Extractor (Green Technology)

This fully automated water filter system features state-of-the-art green technology that is totally safe for the environment.

The HighFlow Iron Extractor...

  • Removes iron, and prevents iron stains and odors.
  • Is completely salt and potassium FREE, which is not only environmentally friendly, but saves money.
  • Offers high flow rates
    • Does not require a pre-filter
    • Uses a large diameter Vortech™ tank
    • Uses high quality light weight media

How it works...

A large capacity Vortech™ tank and air chamber combines iron, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg smell) into solids. These solids are then trapped in a special media and flushed out.

Benefits of the HighFlow Iron Extractor
  • Great at removing iron and preventing stains and odors
  • Very low mainentence (no salt or potassium required)
  • Chemical free (environmentally friendly)
  • No smelly pre-filter to change (uses light weight media)
  • Electricity cost is approximately 25ยข per month
Iron Extractor