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HighFlow Quad

  • Commercial grade 24 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Accomodates up to 10 shower heads running at once
  • Ideal for lawn sprinkler systems
    • Improves the lifespan of sprinkler heads
    • Prevents iron stains on surrounding hardscape
    • Can use potassium during watering season as natural fertilizer

This fully automated quadraflow water conditioner features state-of-the-art technology. The quad phase manifold allows all four resin tanks to share the work load evenly.

The HighFlow Quad...

  • Utilizes four conditioning tanks to proficiently remove iron and lime, resulting in an unlimited supply of clean, conditioned water.

  • Offers high flow rates (24 gallons per minute)
    • Does not require a pre-filter
    • Uses large diameter resin tanks
  • Has dual mechanical meters that continue to count water usage in the event of power failure, and require no programming or resetting.
 Benefits of the HighFlow Quad
  • No smelly pre-filter (uses multi-media bed)
  • No programming or resetting after power failure
  • Unlimited supply of soft water
  • Quad tanks require no reserve that wastes salt
  • Great at removing iron and lime
  • High quality, cation water softener exchange resin
  • Non-corrosive resin tanks
  • Electricity cost is approximately 10ยข per month