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HighFlow Tri-Plex (Green Technology)

This fully automated water filter system features state-of-the-art green technology that is totally safe for the environment.

The HighFlow Tri-Plex...

  • Removes iron, and prevents iron stains and odors.
  • Completely salt and potassium FREE, which is not only environmentally friendly, but saves money.
  • Ideal for lawn sprinkler systems
    • prevents stains on landscape
  • Commercial grade continuous flow rates
    • 24+ gallons per minute
    • does not require a pre-filter
    • uses 3 large diameter Vortech™ tanks
    • uses high quality light weight media

How it works...

Three large capacity VortechTM tanks and air chambers combine iron, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg smell) into solids. These solids are then trapped in a special media and flushed out.

Benefits of the HighFlow Tri-Plex
  • Great at removing iron and preventing stains and odors
  • Very low mainentence (no salt or potassium required)
  • Chemical free (environmentally friendly)
  • No smelly pre-filter to change (uses light weight media)
  • Electricity cost is approximately 75ยข per month