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HighFlow Twin

This fully automated water conditioner features state-of-the-art technology. The control for this system is designed and engineered to give continuous, reliable operation while conserving water and salt required in the regeneration process.

The twin tank water meter control measures the amount of soft water used and only regenerates when necessary. Tests prove a savings of up to 50% in salt costs when compared to time-controlled softeners.

The HighFlow Twin...

  • Utilizes two conditioning tanks which are proficient in removing iron and lime, resulting in an unlimited supply of clean, conditioned water.

  • Offers high flow rates
    • Does not require a pre-filter
    • Uses large diameter resin tanks
  • Has a mechanical meter that continues to count water usage in the event of power failure, and requires no programming or resetting.
 Benefits of the HighFlow Twin
  • No smelly pre-filter (uses multi-media bed)
  • No programming or resetting after power failure
  • Twin tanks require no reserve that wastes salt
  • Great at removing iron and lime
  • High quality, cation water softener exchange resin
  • Non-corrosive resin tanks
  • Electricity cost is approximately 5ยข per month